Monday, July 13, 2009

It's a Baseball Town

Downtown St. Louis is a mad mix of baseball fans from all around the country, and probably, all around the world.

And all eyes will fall upon this part of the world for the next 36 hours. The Home Run Derby is tonight. And tomorrow ...

It's the All Star game! And this banner is ginormous (covering about four stories). What's fun is that there's the expected sea of red shirts, but there's also a mix of all other teams, too. And not just the Cubs or White Sox as you might expect.

I took a very brief walk earlier and in that short trip, I saw T-shirts representing Milwaukee, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York (Yankees), San Diego, San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Atlanta. (In addition to St. Louis and both Chicago teams.)

It's no wonder though. Kiener Plaza, which is one of my favorite places on the planet is all decked out with gigantic arches. People are all over the place underneath them getting their photos taken.

But in this shot, I managed to get at least a portion of the real deal ... (look closely at the shape reflected in the metallic glare of the windows.)

It was so bright out, I didn't notice when I shot it. What a cool surprise! Here's a closer look at one of the mini versions. And while Busch Stadium is empty in this shot, you can bet it won't be tonight or tomorrow night!
No doubt about it ... It's definitely a baseball town.


Anonymous said...

Cardinals - boooooo!!!

Go cubs!

NV said...

Jen -- Now that's not NICE. It's about ALL the teams. Where's your solidarity?! :-)

bettyl said...

Very cool photos!

dddiva said...

Great pics, glad I stopped by from BPOTW. Bet the excitement is palpable.

NV said...

betty -- Thanks!

dddiva -- Thanks! Last week was amazing. It was definitely time to be working downtown!

Anonymous said...