Monday, July 27, 2009

Ode to a Mirror, Now Missing

You can tell it's been a particularly tough day when, while on hold for the third or fourth time trying to find out about this d*mn mirror, I start writing in couplets. I guess it beats swearing, no?

Mirror, mirror for my wall
You seem to be no place at all.
The email says you’ve shipped my way.
Yet you never seem to arrive any day.

Customer service is no help.
They say that you have left the shelf.
They just put my calls on hold
And where you are, I’m never told.

Surely someone will locate you soon
So you can take your spot in the family room.
Otherwise, I’ll find something else for the space
Over the mantel above the fireplace.


plumbelieve said...

Mirror, mirror for this d*mn place,
please appear before NV's face.
She's tired of the run-around,
and making a fussy, sighing sound.

Just deliver it already, sir,
or the wrath you must endure.
It 's just a piece of glass,
so c'mon get off your *ss.

Now that I've voiced my plea,
go ahead help the mother and NV.
It's fragile, handle with care,
they don't have 7 years to spare.

Upon reflection...I am sure you will agree...and send it to her by 10:30 or it's free.

Debbie said...

lmao, you two crack me up

Jayne said...

You two are hilarious! (The run-around about the mirror, though, is not. Hope you got that straightened out.)

Why S? said...

Very nice work from both, but no, nothing beats swearing.

Karen Anne said...

No tracking number?

I love tracking numbers, so you can see where the darn thing is. That's until FedEx shows its delivered but it's nowhere in the known universe, and it turns out they left it on the porch three houses away of people who are on vacation.

Kay said...

I think you're losing it, NV.

NV said...

PB -- UR 2 funny.

Debbie, Jayne, why -- Yes, I definitely enjoy a good laugh! :-)

Karen Anne -- No. No tracking. This item is too large. It's coming via local delivery.

KayO -- And this surprises you why? :-)

Anonymous said...