Monday, July 20, 2009

A Very Old Andy

Even before I got active with Where's George, I've always been a little fascinated by currency.

I think our money today looks more like Monopoly money than ever before. If it were smaller it would be even more so.

But, as a "Georger," I pay attention to things like series dates. So, imagine my surprise when this baby popped out of the ATM last week.

You may want to click on the photo to notice that that is a 1934 series. I've since been corrected in my belief that the bill was issued in 1934. It was probably actually printed in the early 1950s. Even so, to get a St. Louis Reserve bill -- from an ATM in St. Louis -- in 2009, is pretty impressive. Or at least I thought it was.

I have been loathe to spend it. And because it is kind of crinkly and marked on, I don't think it will be sought after by collectors but I guess that might be a road worth pursuing.