Monday, July 13, 2009

A Rug Rap

Not sure what made me think I could rap (perhaps sleep deprivation) but this formed in my head based on some current events at This D*mn House. FYI: The code is for real and does indeed expire TODAY.

Need some new rugs for the livin’room floor.
Current ones hardly got nap anymore.

Ozzie and Toby have seen to that,
Treatin’ ‘em all like a personal flying car-pet.

Been tryin’ to find some we like
That don’t cost too much but still look alright.

So what arrives in the neighborhood?
J.C. Penney catalog – yeah rugs lookin good!

And here comes an email – I ain’t trippin’
Says ole JC will cover cost of shippin.’

But that offer, it ends today.
So what I’m really tryin’ to say
Is if you are lookin’ for some discount rates
Use code BIG99FSH.

Word … to the Mother.