Friday, December 4, 2009

All's Well That Ends Well

Yes, I'm completely ripping off the bard with this title, but hey, it's appropriate.

Yesterday did NOT start well.

The cold medicine that I’ve been taking has both a day and night formula. The night formula does seem to knock me out which gets me to sleep – and that’s a good thing. However, not being a morning person anyway, I am not one of those people who magically spring out of bed at the sound of the alarm, except in the rarest of circumstances. No. I rise sloooowly.

And the after effects of the medication has made that slow rise take 10 times longer than usual. And yesterday? It was more like 100 times slower. So, I was already starting out at least 20 minutes behind schedule.

Then, I had to first REMEMBER everything I needed to take to the office (including my elf costume and everything for it), find a way to successfully juggle it through our maze that is the backdoor AND still have enough hand left to lock up. Yeah.

I managed all that –only to find the driver’s side door on Ladybird frozen solid. Luckily, the passenger door opened, which let me crawl into the back seat, reach through and pull the driver door’s latch and kick like a mule from the inside until it opened. (Over the weekend, I've GOT to remember to spray the inside doors with Pam!)

Then, I had to scrape the rear window. It wasn’t an option because, unlike many mornings when I can blindly back into the alley, my neighbor’s yappy little dog (that comes into MY yard to bark AT ME) was loose. I didn’t want to risk squashing him like a bug.

By this time, I’m REALLY running late so I head through town at warp speed – only to get behind the state’s oldest legal driver piloting a big Lincoln at least 20 mph UNDER the speed limit. Lovely. I just made the bus …. And that was the turn for the better my day took.

From there, my elf suit debuted at work (Big hit, HUGE!) Donations already starting to come in. YAY! Then, I got the news about the DIY contest and when I got home, the mother says: “You got some kind of package. You didn't tell me you'd ordered anything.”

Really? I hadn't told you because, well, I hadn't!

And there sat a box from our friends at Black and Decker. (Much more on this soon. Stay tuned.)

Then, we went back out into the fray that is holiday shopping madness and found a mate for the single cookie sheet we’d bought on Black Friday (the only one there was last week, not surprising at that price) AND I scored a $65 sweater for $18. Not bad at all. The karma wheel is clearly spinning in my favor.

If only there’d been a lottery drawing last night ….


Victoria said...

Awe glad to hear it got better! I feel your pain about the whole driving bit- in Florida there are two types of drivers the young and the bullet proof and then old and very senile. Both are scary. :)

Vicki said...

I love days like that. Congrats again!

Kate said...

Yay for the day getting better. I know those kind of mornings just make a person want to crawl back into bed.

Um, and you still owe us a post about DAP, in addition to the B&D one. Not trying to get pushy or anything, just sayin' ...

NV said...

Victoria -- Yeah, I'll bet you have more than your share of "Speed Racers" down there. :-)


Kate -- Yup. And I'm startin' to crank 'em out.

Anonymous said...