Saturday, December 5, 2009

Reviews on the Horizon

As Kate aptly pointed out in a recent comment, I owe some reviews. The first is on some DAP products. (There's always something around here that needs caulking. Welcome to home ownership!)We love DAP. We've used it for years, so getting to try some of their newer products has been fun.

But with the weather, not to mention this d*mnable cold, it's been difficult to get those products tried. You can't caulk outside in sub-freezing temps, not to mention when it's raining! And I've managed to use two of the three products and I need to take a few photos.

And then there's the Black and Decker stuff I literally just received. I've got to figure out how to test one of the new products I received and the other one -- I already KNOW what kinds of test to do on it, but it has to charge up first.

Some of these might definitely be great Christmas gift ideas, too! So stay tuned!