Sunday, December 13, 2009

Disappearing Act

I haven't really disappeared. Although, I'll admit, that yesterday, that idea was very appealing indeed.

I had a headache that started on Friday afternoon, persisted all night, resumed on Saturday where it had left in unconsciousness, and worn on through the day and night. It finally subsided when I awoke this morning.

I was not much use to the mother yesterday as she tried to start holiday cleaning and decorating. I did what I could. It wasn't very much.

And to add to it, it stormed and stormed and stormed last night. I couldn't go get me any tea so I tried to choke down some green tea (SO not my thing) and the heat of it helped a little.

I've been of much more use today. Amazing how a headache can just waylay you. It's the continuation of this cold/flu bug whatever the hell it is that first the mother, and now I have endured. I'm hoping this is the last of it.

I'm ready to make all merry! It's starting to look like the holidays around here. And maybe, with the arrival of Lawrence tomorrow, I might even get something DONE. How awesome would THAT be? Stay tuned ...


Vicki said...

Yuck! Hope you feel better soon! With Lawrence around you two could really knock some stuff out if you're feeling better!

Kate said...

I also hope you feel better very soon. And I can't wait to see what you & Lawrence accomplish.

NV said...

V -- Yeah, leave it to Lawrence to blow the life back into things!

Kate -- Thanks. I think we got quite a bit done today!

Anonymous said...