Tuesday, December 15, 2009

That Old Man Winter

Winter is back – regardless of what the calendar may say -- and with a vengeance. It’s a whopping 20 degrees this morning and promising to be even colder tonight and tomorrow. Fabulous! *rolls eyes* We all know how much I love it.

It is not helping my anti-morning mood. Nor is the person sitting directly behind me, stretched out across the three-seat side seats. (Instead of sitting the other direction, her head is directly behind mine and she’s having a rather animated phone conversation. Annoying is too light a word.) I’m tired from yesterday’s adventures and I’ve got a full plate ahead of me today. Here’s hoping that I’m up to it.

Tonight, I’m hoping to offer up a review of a fun new tool that Black and Decker sent me. I managed to put it through a bunch of hoops and I wanted to share what the results were just in time for Christmas gift-giving! Stay tuned.