Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's All Scarlett's Fault

The bottom line: I stayed up waaaay too late last night. I’m partly to blame. The mother’s partly to blame. And then there’s Scarlett.

TCM showed Gone With the Wind last night, the 70th anniversary of its premiere. At This D*mn House, it’s a never miss event. (Even though we have the 60th or 65th anniversary DVD and can pop it in whenever.) I was trying to do stuff for work, do stuff around the house, watch the movie and Tweet about it. I had a marvelous time, particularly Tweeting back and forth on movie lines with Jenni from ThirteenEleven.

Then, they showed the special about making the movie, and that was hard to pry myself away from. But I couldn’t have gone to bed even if I’d wanted to: the mother was in there “cleaning” (apparently I don’t do a good enough job) and playing with her dollhouse. Retirees just have NO concept of time.

But, my room is just the latest of the mother’s targets. She’s been holiday cleaning and decorating for days. And it’s been a lovely sight to behold. In spite of the fact that there’s still a utility cart in the livingroom (under plastic) and a five-gallon bucket of paint and a microwave under the dining room table, the house is looking pretty festive. See for yourself.

The mother went on a crystal bender, hanging teardrops everywhere, including a GIANT one at the base of the chandelier!

That's our nativity which is taking residence on the mantel this year.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care ...

You knew there'd have to be an elf somewhere, right? The Victrola is a gift from me some years back. It's a repro, but it actually works!

That's our tiny tree. The mother has it jam-packed with Victoriana.

These little guys are new this year, finds from last year's day after Christmas shopping adventure.

The mother is a detailer. Even centerpieces get all spiffed for the holidays.


Jenni said...

It was a fun Tweeting those such clever lines.

My phone died about the same time Bonnie Blue fell off her pony. And there was no way I was gonna get out of bed and fire up the laptop.

I totally missed the making of the movie. Fiddley Dee. Maybe I will catch it again sometimes.

Black Dog's Photographer said...

Love mom's decorating. It looks very Christmasy!

Karen Anne said...

Holy cow :-) I am tired just looking at that.

MonkeyGirl said...

I love all of the gold! It looks so rich and sparkly - and there isn't a drop of it in my house!

Jayne said...

I watched the movie and the making of the movie, too. The making of the movie was really interesting.

Vicki said...

Beautiful. All I can think about though is, "they've got to put all that stuff back away!" Maybe that's why I only have a few sparse decorations. Not true. I'd probably have more if we didn't move so much. Anyway, good job of getting festive!

Victoria said...

how wonderful, I wish I had someone to decorate for me!

Kate said...

Unfortunately, I missed out on the GWTW since I don't have cable. However, I caught your tweets with ThirteenEleven & was giggling constantly throughout the evening.

As for the decorations - WOW! It all looks gorgeous! But now I REALLY understand why you cringe at the AFTER Christmas cleanup!

Anonymous said...