Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dodging the Bullet

Our first Christmas celebration, which was yesterday, was more than 50 miles from home. That doesn't sound like much to those of you who drive that regularly. But, it's about three times the average distance anyone at This D*mn House is accustomed to driving in a single sitting.

And to the mother, weather means everything. She won't go down the street if it's snowing at all. She barely will leave the house if it's raining. So I watched the weather with great interest the past few days as the storm that hammered the east sent a little rain/snow/sleet/ice into the St. Louis metro to close out the week.

We got only rain which, with the dropping temps, resulted in a bit of ice here and there. The roads, however, remained clear. We had a relatively uneventful trip there and back, except for one incident where a semi nearly ran us off the road as we entered the highway. (This same truck nearly slammed into two other cars as the driver drifted into other lanes once we were on the highway.)

I've seen the footage from out east and am feeling SO lucky that all we saw were some grassy areas and cars for sale covered with a light snow. Everyting else remained clear. I HATE snow so I feel very sorry for all of you stuck dealing it. Hope you were able to get plenty of supplies to deal with it in the meantime!


Kate said...

You will think I'm nuts, but I'm actually envious of the east coast right now. The pics I've seen are so beautiful with everything blanketed in white. Of course I have nothing I HAVE to do, or any place I HAVE to be, and it also helps that I have 4-wheel drive.

But I DO empathize for those that HAVE to be out for some reason. And I don't DO ice, snow - bring it on. Ice - uh-uh, no way!

I'm glad to hear your trip went safely!

Vicki said...

We got about 18 inches around our house. I've heard it's more in DC and other areas around here. It was fun to play in with the kids for about ten minutes. Now I'm ready for summer :)

Karen Anne said...


You can come dig me out of two feet :-)

I got the deck feeder area and path for critters (skunks, foxes, opossum, etc.) to get there and walkway done. Next on to the driveway.

Anonymous said...

I love snow! I admit it and this is the reason I drive a Wranger. 4X4 all the way.... Last night we finally got snow and of course I got to use the 4X4. Wooo Hooo!

I however, do NOT like ice, roads coated in black ice are not my friend.

Good that you made it home safe.

MonkeyGirl said...

I have to agree with the other commenters - I love snow (even though I don't have a 4x4) and I am slightly bummed that we keep getting the 37 degree rain storms ;-(

Anonymous said...