Saturday, December 5, 2009


On the day after Thanksgiving, Taz got spayed and declawed. I was pretty worried about this, especially considering that I was none too happy about the declawing part.

Since it had been a week since all the surgery, I sent an email to check up on her, hoping that a full week had made a lot of difference. Apparently, it had.

"Taz Marie is like she never had any surgery at all. She's her same loveable, feisty little self," came the response. That made me very happy! It seems Taz is quite taken with her new mama, cuddles with her in the morning, keeps watch while she showers and puts on make-up and pads after her into her walk-in closet and hangs out while she gets dressed before work.

She is adjusting to having a daddy, too, and likes to sit in his lap when he uses the computer.

And, we've even been extended an invitation to visit her anytime we want -- with the caveat that we "can't steal her back!"

Relief. Relief. Relief! I can't believe that in just a few short weeks, she's made such an impression and seems to have fit in as if she'd been there all along.

No new pictures ... yet. But I'm sure I'll be getting some someday soon.


Victoria said...

Awe. Thats really sweet. I used to be totally against declawing, and I seriously tried everything. After spending $500 on items to help prevent my cats from declawing to no avail I am considering just having them removed. The claws that is.

Babz said...

Victoria, declawing isn't having the claws removed, it is having the toe ends amputated from the last knuckle, the claws grow from these bones. So you're effectively removing half of each paw. this is what is euphamistically known as declawing, and this is what poor Taz has suffered. Please, if you were totally against declawing stay that way and don't cripple your cat.

min hus said...

Victoria - I can understand the frustration, even though I view declawing as amputation.

Have you learned to cut your cat's claws yourself and do you trim them often? I know it's a little nervewrecking, but I've successfully gotten three cats to let me cut their claws. Giving them treats right after the trim helps tremendously! I use regular human nail clippers.

Of course trimming the nails doesn't stop the clawing but it greatly reduces the damage they can do. I think it's the long, pointy, sharp nails that really cause damage.

something to consider trying anyway. :)

Kate said...

I'm so happy to hear Taz is settling in so well! I saw your post on Jayne's blog about Toby's behavior. No wonder poor little Taz needed a new home. Like I said before - You did good!

I know that declawing can be a very controversial subject. After finding out many years ago what is involved, I do not think I would ever have the heart to do it again. However, before that time, I did have cats declawed & they were back to their normal selves within a week.

But I sooo understand the frustration since the new furguy has his claws. And he refuses to drink out of any water bowl we've given him. He'll only drink out of the fish bowl, but he leaves the fish alone. Go figure.

Karen Anne said...

It's been awhile since I've had kitties, but this is what worked for me about scratching stuff, as well as I remember:

Scratching posts that are sturdy, heavy, and tall enough to not wobble when scratched on. The wobbling scares the cats away from using them. Also they like them tall enough so they can stretch out as they reach upwards.

My cats always preferred carpeted posts and ignored sisal ones, but some cats like sisal, I understand.

Have them in enough places so that the cats don't go for a sofa because a scratching post isn't conveniently nearby.

I had carpet covered platforms of various kinds around, they use those to scratch on also.

When I first brought scratching posts into the house, or got a new kitty, I would rub some catnip into the tops of the scratching posts, and then the cat would come over and put his paws on the posts so he could reach up and sniff the catnip, and that seemed to give him the idea to use the post.

With this, I never had any furniture scratched.

I also trimmed claws. I would do one or two at a time when the cat was relaxing in my lap.

Karen Anne said...

I should add, my trimming claws was a late addition practice as my cats got older and were less likely to keep the claws trimmed themselves. In earlier days I didn't do it and they still didn't scratch anything but the scratching posts.

Vicki said...

Awww, an open adoption :) I'm staying out of the claw/declaw debate.

NV said...

Yeah, I never meant this to devolve into a declawing debate ... I'm just SO pleased that Taz is healthy and happy in a new, loving home. And one that is welcome to us keeping contact!

Anonymous said...