Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy, Happy, Happy

Today, there are all kinds of well wishes to send out from This D*mn House.

First, a very Happy Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. PlumBelieve. It’s their 20th anniversary. Man, 20 years. That sure goes fast! So, 20 years – and four kids – later, here’s hoping the love is just as strong as in the infamous float trip picture. (Which I’ve not shared here.) And here’s to 20 more … at least!

And then, there’s wishing a very happy birthday to Stevie Ray, son of B., who was born on the PlumBelives’ first wedding anniversary, forever making Dec. 29 a doubly special day! Happy 19th birthday (shaking as I type that), Stevie!
He would probably kill me for putting this here but it's too cute. (And I didn't do it on Facebook!)