Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday ToolTalk: Black&Decker ReadyWrench

I own a socket set. It’s part of an ancient toolkit that dates back to the days when I had a ’74 SuperBeetle. (One of those sockets fit the spark plug EXACTLY.) I hate to drag that thing out, in part, because every time I open it, its contents end up unceremoniously dumped in the floor.

And then, I spend the next 10 minutes trying socket after socket as I guess at which one I need. As a result, the hall table legs stay wobbly longer than they should. Same for the entertainment center in the livingroom.

That changed recently when I received a Black&Decker ReadyWrench™ as a test product. This tool feeds both my love of multi-function by putting 16 different socket sizes in the palm of your hand and need for convenience by grabbing a single tool – not a whole set.

What I really liked:
· Sturdy, solid design, yet the various socket settings flip easily
· Each setting is clearly marked
· 16 sockets, one tool
What I didn’t like:
· The settings don’t lock in place. While the tool is rugged enough to stay firmly in place on a larger bolt, it slipped a bit when I tried to use it on smaller ones.

Some things it can be used on: furniture assembly (or just keeping things tightened), deck bolts, lawnmowers, air-conditioning grates, auto repair.

Conclusion: A great, last-minute gift idea you might consider for the DIYer in your life.
Availability: Most retail and online outlets, $25-$30.

Want your own? Through Jan. 31, 2010, Black & Decker is giving away a ReadyWrench™ every week! Visit the Black & Decker ReadyWrench™ Team, click enter, complete the form and enter code RWR 190 (to let them know I sent you) and you’re entered! No purchase necessary to enter or win.

Full Disclosure: I accepted an offer to join the Black & Decker New Products Team and as a result, received the product described above for evaluation. I did not receive any additional compensation for participating in this program.


sewwhat? said...

Late night TV watching has moved me to buy a Shark Portable Steam Pocket cleaner. Since I love my Shark steam pocket floor cleaner, I'm hoping to love this also. Will give an update, and perhaps you can spread the word.

karen said...

Great info. Thanks. My son would love this.
Merry Christmas!

Vicki said...

Du used the DAP to caulk the windows. So far so good!

Kate said...

This would soooo help in decluttering my tool bag!

Anonymous said...