Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ring Up a Warm Up

Later today it’s supposed to be closer to 60, more like the first of October than December. This morning though it’s a brisk 36, a subtle reminder that December really is here and that Ole Man Winter is lurking around the corner. He’s not someone that I’m anxious to see.

I didn’t even log on last night. I did a few things around the house and lounged. I even went to bed early (early for me anyway) and got actual sleep last night. I can feel the cold starting to break up a bit. YAY!

I picked up the cell phone that I bought for the mother last night. Yet another piece of technology to challenge her with but she’s been hinting about wanting one for a while now. This way I’ll have plenty of time to program it and activate it before Christmas. And she'll have plenty of time to learn to use it -- I hope -- before she might actually need it.

So, that’s progress, right?


Kate said...

Definitely progress!

I used to LOVE winter, the crisp air, the icicles, the more snow the better, VERY rarely would I even wear a winter coat, just a lined jacket. Then apparently, I got old. Now I can't ever seem to get warm from December til about April no matter how many layers I pile on.

Black Dog's Photographer said...

Nice. Our weather today (the weather man says) should be highs in the low 40s. Yes, winter is on the way but I'm looking forward to it. Guess that's why I still live in MN. :)

NV said...

Kate -- I don't think I've ever liked winter, much less loved it. Even as a kid.

BDP -- Don't know how you stand it. It's bad enough here!

Payperbiz said...

Definitely a progress. In San Diego, plumbing and heating repairs are keeping most households busy.

Anonymous said...