Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Comfort and Joy

I always feel sorry for people who lose loved ones around the holidays. It’s bad enough to lose someone you love at all, but it just seems doubly wrong to be plunged into that kind of grief during the season of joy.

It’s not unusual then that I felt very sorry for the families of those who had managed to lose three young people in two separate car crashes over the weekend. All three were 27-year-olds. And two of them were a married couple who left a 2-year-old behind. In the other crash, the other young man, he is the SECOND member of their family to die in this fashion. His brother died six years ago in another crash.

Last night, I found out that the young man is the son of my godparents’ neighbors. My godmother said that when they went by their house Sunday morning and saw all the cars they just assumed that they had family in for the holidays. She was stunned to get a call the next morning telling her about the young man’s death.

Please pray for that family or send good thoughts their way. They’re really going to need them.

On a much happier note, it seems it really is a season for miracles. Or, I think the people at the heart of these stories would no doubt call them that. So, now that I’ve put you in a funk, I’ll attempt to put you back in the holiday spirit. These ought to do the trick …

· Students, parents and teachers unite to help seventh-grader survive fall on the ice.
· Boy pinned between trucks is home in time for Christmas.
· Toddler up and walking just weeks after life-threatening heart surgery.
· Bin of abandoned puppies brought in from the cold get gift of good homes.
· The phenomenon that is Christmas jars strikes a Fort Myers mom.
· Australian woman becomes mom in ultimate Christmas present surprise.
· A very special Christmas gift: a new heart.


Vicki said...

It's the dichotomy of the season, or any time of year really, that there can be such joy and such pain from one house to the next. And thus the Reason for the season, to give us hope through it all.

Merry Christmas N!

St. Blogwen said...

When things like that happen, it kicks me upside the head to remember that the reason God had to become man was to wrestle with Death in person-- and win. Christmas makes no sense without Good Friday-- which makes no sense without Easter Sunday.

So merry Christmas, indeed!

Kate H.

Jayne said...

I always think about the dichotomy Vicki mentioned when I take 911 calls. At the same time that I'm sitting warm, safe, and healthy in the comm center, someone else is having the worst night of his or her life.

I LOVE Kate's comment--so true, and what a great way to put it. :)

Anonymous said...