Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Damage Report

The wind advisory for St. Louis ended at 6 last night.

The wind did not.

Well after midnight, it continued to howl along the back wall at This D*mn House, causing me to finally throw a blanket over a window in my bedroom to help block the air that was sailing in, courtesy of the storm window that was knocked loose during yesterday's mini-tornado. That will be a job for this weekend.

I drove this morning -- since tonight is our office holiday party -- and I have a trunkful of things to fetch at some point. It will also give me a chance to fully inspect Pearl in a lighted location and where I'm not likely to be bashed about by howling winds hurling debris. (As was the case last night when I attempted to do the same.) The reason that Pearl needs such inspection is that all but one of the blades from the outdoor fan that resides above her in the carport were ripped free. I'm hoping that she was not struck during their departure. *cringing*

One of the shutters on the kitchen window was pulled from the exterior of the house. I didn't do a full inspection of it, but it might be salvageable. At least it wasn't ripped to shreds as winds have managed to do to some exterior shutters in the past!

And, we lost one of the drain extenders. Not surprising. This morning, they said the "official" highest wind gust yesterday was 56 mph. I'm willing to bet it was 10 degrees or so more at my house where we are like an open field among the alleyways and the wind frequently has its way with the exterior.

I also need to do an inspection of the roof. I didn't see any shingles last night, but again, I was battling some really bad wind and debris while trying to check it out -- by streetlight, no less.

Tally: storm window knocked loose, shutter ripped off, fan blades snapped free. I'm hoping that's the extent of it. Here's hoping you didn't fare any worse!


Karen Anne said...

Are the shutters attached on both sides? I'm thinking something like a hook and eye opposite the hinge side?

karen said...

I hope no roof damage that can be costly. Thank Goodness the wind has died down. Have a wonderful work party and I hope no damage on the car. My fingers are crossed.

MonkeyGirl said...

Wow! I haven't seen anything amiss around here other than a couple of Christmas lights are out. Of course, I haven't looked at anything in the daylight hours.

Kate said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your tally is all that you found. And I really hope Pearl didn't suffer any damage.

NV said...

We definitely lucked out on this trip. Nothing major. Just a lot of little hassles.

Anonymous said...