Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Odds and Ends

With the charity program behind me, I can focus now on my own holiday tasks.
It occurred to me over the weekend that I’ve mailed only a handful of Christmas cards. I need to remedy that as Christmas is just a few days away! I also have to get a package in the mail to Taz – something that got lost in the shuffle that was Friday.
The mother and I did some shopping on the way home from our friends’ the other night and managed to find a few things for next Christmas. Many stores are already starting massive markdowns and I feared that, based on the slim inventory I’ve seen this season, there will be few bargains to be had on the day after Christmas this year.

My godmother and her daughter, neither of whom are versed in advance planning, have been scouting local stores for a “Pop the Pig” game for my 8-year-old cousin. Even though the mother had asked several times if there was anything else they needed since both she and I had been shopping regularly the past few weeks, I heard about this game for the first time last night.

I tried to find it online. And I did. (It looks kind of fun, too!) The only catch: the shipping cost to get the game before Christmas was nearly THREE TIMES its price! Initially, that meant a $30 game would cost more than $80 to ship. Digging further, I found Amazon’s deadline a little more lax, bringing shipping down to just over $65. WHAT?!

Well, it isn’t like these kids (she has a 10-year-old brother) aren’t getting a department store already, so I think it’s safe to say they won’t miss it. Much.

Thanks to Vicki at NotSo SAHM for trying to help me out, especially since she’s got plenty of madness going on at her house already after being snowed in.
The mother and godmother were talking about things they wanted as kids but never got. For the mother, it was a “real” dollhouse. I didn’t hear what my godmother missed out on.

For me, it was a swingset. I’ve always loved swings. Always. Other than that, Christmas morning never held any real disappointments. I was miserably spoiled – and I knew it.

Today, knowing what I know about our circumstances at the time and what the mother went through to make all that happen, I appreciate it even more. I think it's this understanding that, more than good upbringing or even real altruism, drives my elfdom each year.


Mama Martha said...

I printed holiday letters yesterday but still need to address, stamp & mail. I know the cliche of the letter but we had so much happening last year, grandbaby!, that it is truly the easiest way to get the word out to friends far & wide.

Anonymous said...

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Vicki said...

Too bad I couldn't actually help. $65 shipping is crazy, especially for something they'd play with and then put away in the game closet. Maybe next time!

plumbelieve said...

OMGoodness! I have been searching high and low for this as well. One of my kiddos drew their cousin's name in a secret santa and she wants this. I was not wiling to pay the shipping but have searched many stores.

Anonymous said...