Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I've Been OUTED!

No, I'm not gay. (I love my female friends, but not like that.)

Or Republican.

Or Wiccan. Or one of about a dozen other things you might associate with a confession like that.

No. It's NONE of those. (And not that there's anything wrong with any one of those things.)

I'm just ... an elf. That's right. You heard (and saw) it here first. (Unless you've been over to The MonkeyGirl's blog already.) This is the MonkeyGirl's photography skills at work capturing the deft sewing talents of her mama, Sewwhat. And, the semi-secret package I had to pick up last night. It will make its formal debut during a staff meeting at work on Thursday.

What can I say? It's for charity. I'm doing this for charity. (Which means, MonkeyGirl, it would be a VERY bad thing to use those photos for blackmail. VERY bad.)

Here's hoping that a little self-deprecation goes a very loooooooong way ...


cd said...

There's no doubt this picture will be used at a later date!

Kate said...

Too cute ! And sewwhat is incredibly talented. And yeah, I'm sure this picture is going to come back to haunt you for a very long time. ;)

sewwhat? said...

You asked for it! Too cute for words, my little elf friend!

Victoria said...

That is so incredibly awesome! And how wonderful you are doing it for a good cause. Props to you.

I loved the intro to this post as well. Thanks for the laugh.

MonkeyGirl said...

Thanks for taking all the fun out of blackmailing a charity elf! But you did leave me an out with the jolly green giant blackmail photo!

plumbelieve said...

Ho-Ho-Ho...I agree that there are some photos that must absolutely be seen again. This one deserves a very special glittery frame.

Vicki said...

Oh yes, definite black mail potential. You must really trust your friends :) On the other hand, no one can doubt your devotion to the holidays!

karen said...

You look wonderful!!! So cute.

NV said...

cd -- Great. Let no good deed go unpunished.

Kate -- Yes she is. And yes, I'm sure it will. I need to keep reminding these guys that it's for charity.

Sewwhat -- Thanks! But it's for charity, remember?

Victoria -- Thanks. YOU obviously wouldn't blackmail me. :-)

MG -- It's for charity and I (in a completely out of character act) WAS a very good model. Not something I do easily or willingly. Did I mention this was for charity?

PB -- No doubt. No doubt.

V-- As I said in our staff meeting, shows there is very little I won't do in support of the program. :-) And I DO trust my friends. Question is, are they worthy of it as I think I've mentioned this was FOR CHARITY.

Karen -- Thanks! Since I think I've heard every short joke there ever was ... good to make best use of a vertical deficit.

bettyl said...

What a fabulous job! And for a great cause. Well done!

Anonymous said...