Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Beauty of the Internet

I have to admit, there are days that I don’t know how we lived before the Internet. Today was one such day.

I do a lot of online shopping. I've bought everything from books and CDs to digital cameras to our new stove! I'm usually not amazed by what I can find on the Internet because it so rarely fails me. But, on occasion, it can still send me reeling by both the speed at which it locates what I'm looking for and with the price associated with it.

In my preparation for Crop Camp, I have nearly killed my supply of a major photo industry leader’s picture paper. They are a former client and during one of my visits, I was privy to the company store and was able to pack a few 50-sheet packs in my carry-on at a bargain basement price. That was more than two years ago (probably closer to three) and many Crop Camps and other projects have slowly eroded that supply.

I was online for all of 30 seconds and found exactly what I was looking for and at a great price – on eBay.

Over the weekend, the mother was lamenting the inability to find Wind and Willow’s White Chocolate Cherry Cheeseball mix at our usual local establishments. Apparently, this is a “seasonal” product and a little tough to find after the holidays.

I solved that problem in about a minute and got a shock: I found it on AMAZON! They sell it and many other flavors in a six-pack for $19! (That's even cheaper than the $3.50 to $4 per box we pay locally.) Free shipping on orders over $25 applies, too, so I doubled up. The mother will be thrilled.

Dear Internet: I love you!


sewwhat? said...

I agree with you FULLY! I found a replica of the change purse my grandfather carried in 20 seconds on the internet. My brother had requested a change purse/coin holder for a gift, and I knew exactly what I wanted. This was Tuesday, Dec. 22. I got it by Thursday, and he loved it! How many brick and mortar stores would I have had to visit to find something like that? Hooray, Internet! Thank you, Al Gore!

Vicki said...

Dear Internet,

I fully agree with N. I love you too and think you are terrific. Please don't ever leave us or forsake us. Your humble, and addicted user, V.

Jayne said...

I love the internet, too! I had to laugh at sewwhat's comment of "Thank you, Al Gore!" ROFL! And if you ever happen to find yourself on the other side of the state, Riley's Irish Pub and Baltimore Bend Winery both sell the Wind & Willow stuff year-round. ;)

Anonymous said...