Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Baby Needs Some Beadboard

In as much as Baby could really use some beadboard, this is an entry to get me in the running for a $100 Home Depot Gift Card. Wouldn’t that be an awesome way to kick off the holiday season? It’s the perfect gift for the DIY-er! (Especially since I should have my own personal parking spot under the contractor canopies at both Home Depot and Lowe's, right?)

If you think so, you can enter too over at Todd’s site, Helpful Advice for Home Construction Improvement. Or, at least, check out his site. Todd’s building a house so he might be able to offer something useful for you. I particularly like his product reviews. And, Todd was gracious enough to offer me a guest column slot earlier this year.

Why, you ask, do I need beadboard? There’s already beadboard up in the kitchen and bathroom, downstairs in the family room, and a stack waiting to go up on the mother’s bedroom walls. Well, I need the beadboard for my bedroom. I think I told you some time back about the lovely toile pattern that is going up in the bedrooms. (The mother’s is black; mine is a wine color.) Really pretty stuff and I can hardly wait to see how it turns out!

With the holidays coming, it would be nice to not have to shell out the money to buy the beadboard! Plus, I should even have a little left over to put toward wallpaper paste. Or toward Liquid Nails adhesive and some finishing nails. Or, some chair rail that will separate the beadboard from the lovely new wallpaper.

Todd doesn’t say how the winner will be selected (whether random or by actual judging). He just wants a blog entry with a link back to the contest. He’s got it!

It sure would be nice to find a little something extra in my stocking this year. At the risk of bragging, I’ve been very, very good this year. And I've got the blog to prove it.