Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Other Door

As I said yesterday, both doors got hardware makeovers. I didn't capture before shots of the back door. It probably has the most change. The back door is actually the house's original front door. I'm guessing the hardware is original, too. I'm not sure.

We've kept it. But the new stuff looks pretty good. See for yourself.

There's a little touch-up to be done as you might expect. But once that's done, it should look very nice indeed. The back door got a bell, too! And you know what, I haven't even rung it yet. I need to do that today!
The most important thing to be done: Switching out keys! And making spares. It would be really bad to leave the house, only to return home to try to get in using the old keys. Better do that now while I'm thinking about it!


Kay said...

Okay, I'm perplexed by the interior shot. Other than the fishnet, which we'll just accept as a Motherism. Is the door standing open? It seems to be swung out in front of a wall with photos on it, and the hinges appear to be at right angles. But then, where are you standing to TAKE this picture? Halfway down the basement stairs? I'm all a-muddle.

NV said...

KayO -- Indeed. The fishnet , indeed a motherism, is actually within the theme of the basement family room: nautical.

And yes, I was standing on the basement stairs when I shot it. We call it the Polish doors. (Humblest apologies to those of Pole ancestry.) The landing door and the kitchen door collide -- a serious design flaw that we've not corrected. (Ideally, French doors where the kitchen window is would solve it. Maybe someday...)

Vicki said...

That's interesting how you have a nautical wreath. Was your mom seafaring at one time? Beach comber? Parrot head?

Anonymous said...

It's amazing what seemingly little improvements can do to a home. I remember replacing one on our first house, HUGE difference!

NV said...

V -- None of the above! (Trying to picture the mother with a tattoo.) No, I've just always had a thing for ships and lighthouses and when I did the family room in the mid-90s she thought that would be a good theme to house it all.

kspin -- I never fail to be amazed at how much difference the little stuff can make. That mother, she is sure the detailer. :-)

Anonymous said...