Friday, November 14, 2008


It has rained most of today and the sky is still a pale, almost white, gray. (About the same color This D*mn House was before we repainted it last year.) So I’m glad to have captured yesterday’s sunset. I don’t think there will be anything nearly that spectacular, if there’s anything at all, today.
I had a pleasant surprise yesterday in the form of not one, but two days off to extend the holidays! I already had planned to take a vacation day on Dec. 26, but yesterday we learned that it is being given as a holiday this year. YAYYY! Additionally, we are also being given Jan. 2 off. Wow! What a way to start the year.

This means that I need to reschedule a vacation day. Plus, I still have to sneak in that half-day I didn’t get last Friday. Lawrence and I may be working on a project again sooner than I thought.

The Flower Man never called this week as planned. (Many of you have asked, so this is an update.) Giving him the benefit of the doubt, he may have tried to call Tuesday or Wednesday, but I was online most of the evening finishing up and catching up on stuff for work, so he wouldn’t have gotten through.

There was no such obstacle last night. Unless he tried to call during the 90 seconds that the mother was on the phone with an old woman who kept insisting that she was her sister. (Which would be very interesting indeed considering that the mother is an only child.)

So, perhaps it was just a very passing fancy.

I bought a new daybed forever-ago for the family room. It’s still sitting down there, unassembled. Along with the old one and a whole bunch of other supplies for projects yet undone, making it look even more like a warehouse.

They’re predicting snow flurries for tomorrow so it doesn’t sound like a day to complete the few remaining projects outdoors, including leaf removal. Might be a good day for switching out daybeds … if a shopping adventure isn’t planned. We'll have to see how the mother feels as she still seems to be battling the bug.


Vicki said...

Ooh, I can just see the family drama unfolding from a long lost sibling whom no one ever knew about!

NV said...

V -- Too funny! No, it actually illustrates that my mother never met a stranger. 90 seconds (at least) to explain to someone that they have the wrong number. Me: "No, sorry. You have the wrong number." Click.