Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Return of Lawrence

So Lawrence, good as his word, called earlier this week. He’s on tap to return to This D*mn House this weekend. In fact, he’s coming on Friday.
During that initial visit, I anticipate that he will:

  • Put the wayward piece of scallop siding over the porch back in place.
  • Remove the old and install the new locks and handles on both the front and back doors.
  • Install a new bathroom fan.
  • Check the outside faucet. (I think it’s a faulty shut-off valve.) Potentially repair this.
  • Put in a new outlet in the dining room. (This is the one he couldn’t get to on his last visit. This is an activity that might also wait until Saturday when I’m home as it requires a lot of running up and down stairs – a lot more than the mother is up to.)
  • Remember those really pretty bells I bought a while back? I may also go ahead and have him put those on the doors, too.

And for now, I think that’s all that we need Lawrence for. When we get to the bathroom and kitchen, assuming that we do that before spring when he’s aleady supposed to be back on-site to help me with the driveway, he’ll be getting a call.

I just the love the promise of so much progress! I love it all the more, considering that I don’t even have to be there for most of it to happen.

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