Saturday, November 8, 2008

LeaveS Me Alone!

The godmother is making my life so much easier. Instead of having to drive 35 miles to her house to retrieve the mother’s birthday cake, that distance has been cut to less than half that. Turns out she has to see a patient (she’s a mobile nurse) this morning that’s much closer to home for me. So, we’re going to meet up a little later this morning before she has to be there.

The mother is still feeling bad. This morning she’s very cold. At the risk of being completely selfish, I sure hope I don’t get this. Just dealing with the congestion from a headcold or the early stages of a sinus infection are already more than I can cope with.

The sun’s out but it’s chilly (40) and the wind from yesterday is supposed to resume as it warms up. (And warming up is relative. The high is like 44.) Ugh. As a result, leaves are EVERYWHERE. It’s the thing I dread the most this time of year. Even worse than the temperature change. We have no trees. Just leaves. We get leaves from everywhere. It’s ridiculous.

It’s worse this year because the saplings that Rand D planted last year now have enough leaves to make a big mess. The Neanderthal planted two trees as well, but only one is problematic this time around. Lawn and leaves sound like jobs for tomorrow.

With the wind, I don’t dare scamper up the ladder to tack down the piece of scallops in the gable over the porch that seems to have come loose. I guess that gets moved to tomorrow’s list too.
I want to finish the front of the house this weekend. But as the mother has a role to play in the completion, I’m not sure it’s going to happen.

I also have to add to my list draining the hoses. Yes. I did this already. The mother, however, decided she needed the hose last week while it was still warm again. And when she couldn’t successfully unwind that, she got out a new one. So now there are TWO to be drained. I’m just lovin’ that as I thought this was a task I already had done!

At the very least, I have to unhook the hose and cover the faucet. It’s supposed to get down to freezing the next two nights.

So, tomorrow is shaping up to be leaves, lawn, scallops, hoses. Today, I just might take on bricks. Yes, bricks. We’ll just have to see …


Kay said...

You know, there are people who look at a gray, chilly day like this and think, "Soup and a book." Not, "tack down scalloped roof edging." There is just a fundamental difference in outlook here, I fear. *slurping soup*

C&C said...

So sorry your mom is still sick - I hope you don't get it too. We have had some sort of crud at our house for the past week and a half. I agree with Kay's comment - it's a soup & book day!

NV said...

Kay -- The scallop siding is still hanging fire. This weekend. Maybe.

C&C -- Thanks! She is still sick -- are you surprised? Crazy woman! But she's still up and around which she wasn't both Friday and Saturday.

Anonymous said...