Saturday, November 8, 2008

No, It's NOT For Sale

Who'd have thought that something as simple as removing a sign from my front yard would nearly cause a chain-reaction accident? But that's exactly what happened this afternoon.

There I was, after unloading a quarter-ton of rock from the car, trying to put some of my bricks in place. (This will all be explained eventually. It's part of finishing the front of the house.)

I was slowly removing my election sign from the yard when a series of screeching tires and horns suddenly bellowed from the street. I looked up in just enough time to see a car come to a complete stop in the lane of the four-lane roadway closest to This D*mn House. A woman was practically hanging out of the window of a gold mini-van.

I took two steps forward and caught a somewhat sheepish look on the woman's face as she clearly made out the sign I was holding. "I thought you were putting a for sale sign up." she yelled. I think she was about to say something else but whatever it was was lost as the van suddenly lurched forward and then sped away.

I guess I shouldn't be that surprised. The house directly across the street has been for sale for several weeks now. One night, we watched a car drive by multiple times. On their final trip, they shined a flash light first on the house and then on the for sale sign, presumably to make out the number to call.

Three open houses later, and a few private showings I've seen, and they still don't seem to have sold it. I guess the mid-street stops don't always pan out.