Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gearing Up

It's nearing 50, so there's no reason to put it off any longer. I've still got a few outdoor tasks to deal with. Hoping that I have enough daylight to finish.

I'm still In yesterday's jello mold I think. I keep saying in the next hour, but I still don't move. I'll be moving soon though. Really.

After dinner last night, the mother and I took on the basement. We packed, tossed, put away, cleaned, cleared. It still looks like a warehouse, but a neat and orderly one. Upstairs is still a "where house." As in, Where's this? Where's that?

The mother seemed pleased with the progress. Especially since it means we can take the rest of the stuff out of the dining room today. Then we'd be down to just one big box. Man, that would be serious progress!

All of you who live and do work in your homes simultaneously know exactly what I mean. The clutter can take over if you let it. And sometimes, it seems just too big to take on.

So that's when go medieval on it. And that's what we did yesterday. I'm so glad I just vegged all day. It made last night go well. Of course, by midnight, I was starting to fall asleep, which is early for me, on a weekend. I was in bed by 1.

I guess all I can hope for is as successful a day today. Here goes nothing ...


Kay said...

what about the daybed?!

NV said...

Well, the mother had other plans. I said if I got the old one out of there and the new one in, that would make things even easier to navigate down there, but NOOOOOO ... I pick my battles.

Vicki said...

Get medieval on it...I love it! That's exactly how I felt purging during and after the move this summer. Thanks for putting words to the feeling :)

Anonymous said...