Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Root of the Problem

I am tired and sore, but the shrubs from Hell outside my door, they are no more.

Sorry. I guess I'm a little slap-happy at this point. Of the six shrubs from Hell that survived the Monkeygirl Mission of Mercy back in July, two are now languishing in the dump. Two others have been relocated.

The bottom line? The shrubs you see in the photo of This D*mn House? That's the only place you can now see them. The front of the house is CLEAR. With any luck, I hope to put the final touches on the plans for the front landscaping by next weekend! It's a very exciting prospect.

The mother is still mourning the loss of the two. One, she cut down last week and I cleaned it up yesterday and carted it off today. After, of course, spending well over an hour digging out the remaining roots. The roots were the problem. The second, I dug up and hauled away today.

Then, I dug up the remaining two out front. I was gentle and kind to them in spite of my loathing. The mother was out there with me, digging, packing, hauling, trimming -- the whole nine yards. (She should have been. She's responsible for the ornery bastards. She has never purchased a single piece of vegetation for this property that wasn't vicious. So vicious, I had to stop midway to dig out an errant thorn that came through the glove to lodge in my hand.)

It was another beautifully glorious day. So it made spending it outside on yard work tolerable at least. At least I feel like I worked off some of the outrageous amount of candy I consumed between Friday and Saturday.


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I ripped out more than 10 shrubs in our last house in Utah that had never been trimmed. ever. in 30 years. A nice neighbor pulled out the roots with his truck and a chain, and I had to order one of those huge dumpsters just to fit the remains in. I'm impressed you dug them out yourself. It's making me tired thinking of that! :)

Jayne said...

I can't imagine how much work that must've been to dig out those shrubs! But wasn't the weather awesome?! Saturday wasn't as warm here as they forecasted, but Sunday was almost hot. I agree with you--why can't it just stay like this?!

Vicki said...

It's been beautiful here as well. I'd be fine with this kind of weather throughout the winter! Congrats on getting the bushes taken care of!

Ann said...

Can't wait to see what the front of the house ends up looking like. :)

NV said...

kspin -- UGH! Just dealing with the roots left from the three pulled out in July, and then these other four were bad enough. TEN.

Jayne -- More work than I want to repeat! I hope to enjoy as much as I can of the next day or two. After that, fall is here.

V -- Thanks! Yeah, I could handle this weather year-round that is for sure.

Ann -- Me neither! I'm getting kind of curious myself.