Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes, He Did

That's the headline on the full-page front of today's Post-Dispatch.

I watched a few more states turn blue even after Obama's speech last night. I couldn't help it. I was all caught up in the process. It was very hard to go to sleep.

Is our country now magically cured, all its ills solved, its diminished capacity on so many levels suddenly restored? No. Those efforts haven't even started.

But do I feel like some of those things are possible on some level? Yes. And for right now, that's enough. Take a deep breath. Let the victors savor the moment. There certainly is a lot for them to feel good about accomplishing.

Then the real battle, the true march begins. The one that sets about doing some of the things that have been so ardently promised during the past two years. Will all of it happen? The reality is that there's no way that it can. Things have taken a sharper turn than anyone might have anticipated so the to-do list is long and overbearing.

For that, I will cut some slack. Some. But ...

Let's not forget that it will be hard. There will be disagreements and dissension. And it will look impossible. But ... so did last night. I never in my life thought I would see a variety of the things I saw last night. Nor did I ever think I would feel so good about them.

We -- or at least a lot of us -- elected a whole bunch of new people last night. Let's not forget why. And let's not let them forget either. That's our job. But it's also our job to help, not hinder, their efforts. So, if you voted them in, that's your job, too.

The evening ended with a powerful speech. And there are plenty among us to say, "Yeah, more nice words." As someone who truly understands and appreciates the impact of those words, I agree to a point. They were very nice words. That's how people are attracted -- initially. By someone who can vocalize their convictions in a charismatic way.

Transforming those convictions into action -- that's what keeps people attracted, interested, and most of all committed, walking the talk. So, #44, I'm with you. Let's start walking.


Kristy said...

I was right there with you watching TV. George Stephanop... was coloring in those states red, then blue, then more blue. There was so much anticipation, anxiety and sentiment that when California closed it's polls and it's large amount of delegates pushed Obama over the 270 limit instaneously, it seemed like it was over too soon. I am glad that it was a landslide, that truly shows the country is ready for a change. I did get goosebumps and woke up this morning with a sense of pride and a smile.

Anonymous said...

Well said on all counts! What a night it was!

I put a link to your blog on my site, hope you don't mind. Have a great day!

Ann said...

Woo Hoo!!!!! I had tears coming out of my eyes last night, it was just SUCH a great moment to hear him declared.

Jayne said...

I was up all night anyway working, and for once I didn't mind not having any radio traffic. :) What an historic election!

NV said...

Kristy, Ann, Jayne -- Yes! It was all so amazing. I'm STILL taken with the reaction of the crowd when it was announced and then during and after his speech. We're still a long, long ways from everyone joining hands and singing Kum Ba Yah. Still ...

Mark -- Thanks! And MIND? I'm flattered. :-)

Anonymous said...