Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Call on Election Night

As if there wasn’t enough drama at This D*mn House last night, I got “the call” from the Flower Man. (Dude, seriously. It's Election Night! And I was dying to get home and in front of the TV.)

We talked for about an hour. It was mostly chit-chat conversation during which I learned quite a few things. Chiefly:

  • There is an 11-year age difference. (And I'm not going all Demi Moore either. I'm the younger one.)

  • He went to the Catholic grade school by my house, a school I attended for a few years as well.

  • He is the third of seven children. He lives in a neighboring town (which I knew) on 16 acres (which I didn’t.)

  • He is divorced. Has a grown son (in Florida) and a mostly grown daughter (19 in college in Wisconsin).

  • He “retired” from the mill after getting injured a few years ago. (I didn’t ask for details.) So apparently he doesn’t work. (And he's several years from full retirement age.) Weird.

  • He has a master’s degree. He went back to school at age 31 and stayed with it through a master’s program.
He seems nice enough. I think he was a little nervous so I tried to go out of my way to put him at ease. He does stuff around his house, readily admits his own inadequacies, and was somewhat awestruck by both my willingness and ability for DIY projects.

He apologized for the "odd approach" but said he didn’t want to impose while I was working as he certainly wouldn’t want anyone to impose on him under similar circumstances. He said he didn’t send me his phone number initially because he thought it might be “too forward” and “creepy” to do that. “So I thought I would just go for the old-fashioned way … and I’ll apologize because I don’t even know what your situation is.”

My situation. *grins* You so don't even want to know my situation. Now that I think about it, what the hell is my situation? *laughs* (KayO points out that my situation could be that I'm gay. Hmm. I hadn't thought of that as one of the options. But no. It's certainly not that. And of course if there was a husband or a buff beaux on the scene, my response to him would have been much different.)

Like I said, just real chit-chatty stuff. The end result: He’s going to call me again next week and we’ll make plans then to meet during the weekend of the 14th. This could be something as simple as coffee on a Sunday morning or dinner on a Saturday night. (I’m leaning towards a Saturday morning coffee call for a little more conversation and a first look. Not that looks are everything, but they certainly don’t hurt.) I opted out of this weekend first because it's the mother's birthday and second because it's still going to be dry and around 50 so I can finish my outside stuff!

I don’t want to go on a blind date. I’m thinking that we meet in person, talk for a while, and I can see whether I want to put myself through the rigors of a genuine “date” or not at that point. That seems reasonable, doesn’t it?

The upside: How much do I really have to worry about how I look? (As the mother so eloquently put it, he was attracted to me while I was in "tar baby mode" for Chrissakes!)

I’m remembering with remarkable clarity now why all this stuff just does NOT appeal to me.


Anonymous said...

Good call on the coffee first. First dates should be short, always. It minimizes the discomfort, gives you a good out, but you can always extend if things are going well. said...

I was wondering what was up with the Mystery Man. Yes, this is my new soap opera. No need to tivo Days of Our Lives, I'll just pop over here.

Kay said...

Aw come on, try and summon up a little anxiety, wouldja? It's so much more fun that way! *excited and ready to laugh, both*

Anonymous said...

Woohoo, exciting! Coffee first is a good idea.

Jayne said...

God, I hate the whole dating thing, too! First dates are like a job interview. I agree with jagolbec's comment completely, and I always have an "exit strategy". Mine is usually having a friend call me. Good date, I tell her I'll call her back. Bad date, it's a sudden emergency I must deal with immediately. :)

NV said...

Jen - Yeah, that's my thinking, too!

upstate -- So glad to provide your entertainment and that I can outrank Marlena and John Black (or Roman or whomever the hell he is supposed to be all these years later ...)

kay -- Nope. I have work and the mother to stress me out quite enough, thanks. :-)

V -- Exciting may be too strong. Let's just see.

Jayne -- That was my thought, too. Like a JOB INTERVIEW. We all love those, huh?! It's awful how apathetic I am. Yeah. Whatever.

MonkeyGirl said...

I volunteered to sit in the corner of the coffee shop and monitor the "date". But if NV doesn't want that close of contact, I will be willing to be the phone a friend!