Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Flippin’ the Bird

No, no, not that bird, silly! The 20+-pound Tom Turkey in my refrigerator.

He’s not quite thawed yet, damn him anyhow. So, I’m guessing he’ll need to spend an hour or two in cold water tomorrow morning to finish the job.

Mind you, I’m not a cook by any stretch of the imagination. (The mother kept threatening some years back to buy me a trivet that said: Martha doesn’t live here.) My only domestic quality: I live indoors. But somehow, the task of preparing Thanksgiving dinner has fallen to me during the past several years. I’m not sure how that happened exactly, but, except for wrestling with that stupid bird, I really don’t mind.

I’ve noticed on a lot of blogs that some of you are not only doing this for the first time this year, you’re also having guests. No pressure, right? My sympathies.

Luckily, it’ll just be the mother and I and I’ll have two adorable “helpers” underfoot (more widely known as Ozzie and Toby) at some point, especially as things begin cooking and the house begins to smell awesome. And all three furfiends will get a bit o’holiday fare once the meal is done. Just a little bit.

I’m trying to decide about whether to take a plate over to S tomorrow. My grocery companion and fellow commuter said last night that she was going to be home alone tomorrow. I invited her to join us since God knows we have way more than enough, but she politely declined. Not that I blame her. It isn’t like we’re great friends or even known each other very long even though we've ridden the bus together for years. It was probably awkward to her. It just seemed like the right thing to do though.

I don’t want to be insulting, or seem to suggest that maybe she’d be without food. I don’t think that’s the case at all. The idea of missing out on the annual traditional meal seems cruel though. But maybe she doesn’t even like it – I know many people don’t. So I’m conflicted about whether to try and take her something or not.

Be my barometer. Would that be friendly – or stepping out of bounds?


Mama Martha said...

Why not settle on a happy medium and take her some dessert?

BTW that Martha does not live at my house either!

Ty'sMommy said...

Yep, do it. If you need an excuse, tell her you needed to get away from the family and you had a boat load of leftovers. Please, please, PLEASE help me eat some of this!

Works for me. :) But then, I'm that kind of person. I feed people.

Anonymous said...

My first Thanksgiving after being divorced, my Asian neighbors brought me something kind of like a Thanksgiving meal. I am a vegetarian, so I didn't eat the chicken part, and my mom was actually visiting me, so I wasn't alone. Still, I appreciated their gesture very much, though I was a bit unsure about whether to invite the guy in and if he wanted me to eat in front of him. I say bring it, and make it clear that you're just dropping by unless she wants you to come in. Ty'sMommy has good advice :)

CD said...

I'm no Martha as well - we rely heavily on Mickie for this holiday. Mickie and Martha are interchangable though and Mickie says take a tasty treat to your neighbor. Ty's Mommies verbiage sounds like a winner. Happy Thanksgiving!

Karen Anne said...

Take her something. I think she feels uncomfortable about coming to your dinner since she doesn't know you and your family that well, but having a real Thanksgiving dinner will make her less lonely. Maybe next year she'll come to your house. My Mom always asked a neighbor lady who lived alone.

Kay said...

I vote for the "just dessert" suggestion. It's always neighborly to drop by with cake (or pie). Then you're just being neighborly, not pitying.

NV said...

Thanks for all of the great input! In the end, I opted for the full meal because like Tysmommy, I come from a long line of "feeders."

It ended up being a moot point though because she wasn't home. My hope is that one of her siblings went against the plans she told me of the other night and came and picked her up.

Vicki said...

I think you were totally within bounds. That's just being hospitable. She might be like me though. One year Du was deployed, I was pregnant and was going to be alone for Thanksgiving. I actually saw it as a break. Some friends invited me over for Thanksgiving dinner and I declined. I took the time to work on a paper that was due soon (I was working on my masters, which I didn't complete) and just relax. So, maybe she doesn't mind being alone. Or maybe she's just shy. :)

Btw, what are you doing with a 20 pound turkey?!?! You did get competitive during that midnight grocery run didn't you ;)