Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dressin' Up the Doors

This is what the front door hardware looked like when I left for work yesterday morning. (I'm pretty impressed with myself for even thinking to take before photos. I didn't do this, however. for the back door because time was getting kind of tight.) That's the outside of the door on top.

When I got home last night. Lawrence had indeed been on the scene. Here's the door that greeted me. Pretty fancy schmansy, eh? He even put on the new bell, which I love. It has a very rich, deep ring unlike the tinny sound its predecessor made.

The mother is a detailer so these changes are a lot more about her than about me. But, I have to admit, I really like the look. I'm more likely to err on the side of practical, so as long as the old door handle and its accompanying lock worked, the less likely I'd be to ever change it. (And the old one worked fine.)

But, the detailer gets her way. These changes mean that every interior door in the house -- except the bath and laundry rooms -- have French door handles.


This post is getting pretty cumbersome with visuals already so I'll save the back door (of which I only have after pics) for another post.


MonkeyGirl said...

Love it! The mother does have the eye for details.

Karen Anne said...

Truly excellent.

About Toby, give him a hug for me :-) I am between kitties since I have carpet tack strips etc. everywhere.

NV said...

MG -- That she does. Me, I'm just the hired help. :-)

Karen Anne -- Thanks! Toby was pretty good last night so I'll hug him. OOOh. carpet tack strips and paws are not a good combo!

Anonymous said...