Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In Kind

Who would have known there was a special time to be kind? It’s both encouraging and discouraging to me that tomorrow is World Kindness Day, part of World Kindness Week, as promoted by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

Discouraging, because there seems to be such a lack of it that we have to declare a day or a week in which to observe it. Encouraging, I guess, in that someone is taking the time to point this out and trying to combat it head-on.

Why do I know this? That’s the funny part. I tweeted about the Liberty Mutual commercials at some point recently. I had just seen the newer version of what I call their “random acts of kindness” series. You probably know the ones I mean. Where it focuses in on a person seeing someone else do good (return a toy that a baby threw on the ground, grab someone before they walk into traffic) and then you see that person do their own RAK. It’s typical pay-it-forward behavior. It may be corny, but I love it!

And I said so in my tweet. Which led to a new follower on Twitter. Which led me to find the organization and its site. In addition to the regular observances, they have monthly calendars with a daily activity (that looks like it’s designed for kids) to do. Help a classmate. Give away a treat. Hug an adult. Small things that can have big impacts.

What I found comical? The calendar only goes Monday through Friday. I’m guessing this is to follow the school week, but still … you don’t have to be kind on Saturday and Sunday?

They also have all kinds of activity ideas for individuals, groups, communities, and even the workplace. Who couldn’t use a little extra kindness there?

A friend of mine recently told me that her sister said I was “a kind person” based on some of the comments I left on her blog. I don’t know that her sister’s assessment is dead-on, but I know that I love the idea that she thinks it because I can’t think of a higher compliment to be paid.
So, I’m asking you that if you read this please:
1. Blog about World Kindness Day.
2. Do something nice tomorrow.
3. Be really generous and do both.

It’s not a contest and there’s no prize except the really good feeling I bet you’ll get by doing it. And just think, if everyone did something nice for someone tomorrow … wow.

Smart and pretty are nice compliments. (Yeah, I like those, too. They’re always great to hear.) Give me “kind” any ole day though. Even “smart” guys relished being kind.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.”Plato


Jayne said...

You are kind! I think back on all the encouragement you gave me this past summer when I was worn out from shingle-ripping and sometimes doubted my own sanity. Thanks!

Gene said...

It's different but similar to the RAK thing, but some friends started an organization called Oakland Firefighters Random Acts. It's for firefighters to get some positive experiences since they usually see people at their worst, after having crashed, lost their home, etc. The idea was for it to spread to other fire departments, and it has, including in Florida, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico (the NM guys were seen on "Extreme Makeover: Home Improvement"), and internationally as well.

Mostly they do small things, sometimes big ones, but it's all about doing random acts of kindness for people in the neighborhoods where they work.

NV said...

Jayne -- You're sweet -- and very welcome! DIYers have to stick together because we all know what a tough road it can be.

Gene -- That sounds like a wonderful organization. You have fantastic friends whom I'm sure think the same about you.

It's amazing to me what a movement can do. I see it all the time, but I'm still amazed.

Anonymous said...