Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Constitution of Jello

That's what my will to do anything appears to be made of today --Jello. You'd think after nearly eight hours of virtually interrupted sleep (awakened just long enough by Ozzie to pull him into bed) I'd be rarin' to go. You'd be wrong.

For the last 90 minutes, I've been like a slug, slowly moving from room to room, periodically pausing on the loveseat. I watched most of an episode of The Starter Wife (which, until last week, I didn't know was now a regular series; I had previously watched its mini-series debut). I fed Tigger. That's my total accomplishments.

I was supposed to take the mother shopping. But I think she's been deterred by the cold, windy weather. Brrr. We'll see if she changes her mind this afternoon.

I think part of my problem is that it was such a tough week coupled with the fact that all the ground I covered was undone in less than an hour yesterday afternoon. (It's a work thing. I need to chuck it and move on.) It was a nasty blow and it put me in foul mood to start the weekend.

But hey, it's Saturday. I've got a Yorkie keeping my feet warm and a remote control at my side. There are things I could do but I'm thinking not. I'm thinking this is a good day to veg.

Who's with me?!


MonkeyGirl said...

Sista - if anyone deserves a jello weekend it is you! Have fun, it is brutally cold outside and there are these little white pellets falling from the sky....sigh, it is way to early for this!

Mama Martha said...

I'm still keyed up after cropping today. 6 pages done & 2 more at home. MG & I shared the brain, and remembered to pay for crop camp.

Gene said...

You deserve a jello day, and I know your kitties approve of that sort of behavior.

I spent the day out at Habitat, moving dirt and sand. But I did get to drive a Bobcat! And they let us go early because we'd gotten everything done they had planned for today.

Vicki said...

Ooh, me! me! me! I spent the first half of the day doing nothing. I had to get my butt in gear though so I could take Reagan out.

I'm so glad you took some time off ;)

sewwhat? said...

When the snow flakes start to fall and it's Saturday, that's time for the pillow, blankie, a good book, a warm snuggly furperson by your side, and many cat naps! Funny thing, I wrote the same blog today, now are you sharing a brain with an old lady, too?

NV said...

MG -- Thanks! I am so with you on that. NO FREAKIN' SNOW!

mamamartha -- Congrats! I thought about you guys. And I thought about cropping. But it would have required getting dressed. (Which I didn't do until about 5:30.

Gene -- Thanks, Gene! Neither of the kitties care much whether I work or not (as long as they're fed and their boxes are cleaned.) But Ozzie, the Yorkie, he cares mightily. It's awesome that you work with Habitat. That's something I'd like to get involved in again ... if I can ever finish my own house. :-)

V-- I hear ya. That's about what I did, too. Worked most of the evening. But it was still GOOD!

sewwhat -- Who knows? I think there's a genetic link in there somewhere!

Ann said...

Some days, my dear, we just deserve to be jello...and it's a-okay!

Anonymous said...