Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dazed and Confused

I awoke to find my son seated on the edge of my bed. Before I could wipe the sleep from my eyes or begin to focus, his booming voice queried:

“How will you help?”

Huh? Help? Help who? With what? I wasn’t even sure I had actually spoken the words. I think in my dazed confusion I had merely thought them. Even so, he heard them.

“You know,” he said. “The President. He needs your help.” His bright blue eyes never left mine. It was almost as if they, not the deep voice seated within this tiny boy, were speaking.

I began to understand. But before I could answer, I woke up. What was it I was going to say?!

One problem here: I don’t have any kids. Makes this sound all the stranger then, doesn’t it? Who knows what thing in my psyche tripped this imagery. It's been an interesting few days, so I guess anything is possible. But what made my dream state recognize this child as my own? And dear God what was with this kid’s eyes, voice, and his hands?

Yes, his hands. It was only after I woke up – courtesy of Toby the Cat – that I realized that this tiny boy had the hands of a man, a really big man at that. They weren’t misshapen, which I think was my first reaction. No. They just were too big for his little body of maybe a kindergartner.

I don’t know what it means, but it was weird and freaky and made it impossible to go back to sleep. So it was already set up to be a really long day.

It’s gray out and miserable after raining on and off most of the morning. It’s not cold … yet. But that’s coming. And I had planned a vacation day for tomorrow though now it looks like I’ll be working a half-day instead.

Well, I wanted to be busy again. And I sure got it.


elaine said...

Wow. I love this dream. Sort of sums up exactly what's going on, don't you think? We all really do have to pitch in if we're going to improve our country's future/outlook.

Gene said...

Powerful dream. I started reading it, and thinking "NV doesn't have kids -- what's going on here?", until I got a little further.

So how will you help?

Jayne said...

Very weird dream. I can see why you couldn't get back to sleep.

Anonymous said...

I believe that dreams are mostly conglomerations of what a person has seen, heard or thought about recently. I get the president part. I even get the man hands part. What's up with the boy though?

MonkeyGirl said...

Man, even your dreams are deep and powerfully full of meaning...I only dream about being a witch in Kuwait.

NV said...

Elaine -- It was touching and freaky at the same time. It was more touching though while I was still asleep!

Gene -- What's funniest is that that is the part that took me longest to realize. I was all preoccupied with the kid's blazing blue eyes (like pilot light flame blue), unrealistically deep voice, and those hands to realize, "Hey, I don't have any kids!"

Still shaking my head. I don't know how I can help. Happy to do my part though. That's the way I think we'll make it through this crisis.

Jayne -- Yeah. I think I ate some ice cream before I went to bed. Won't be doing that again any time soon.

V -- Quite strange. Not sure what the message is there but I seemed to know that this was my child. 'Til I woke up.

MEF -- A witch in Kuwait?! Girl, we gotta talk.