Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yes, Virginia ...

My reward for coming in even earlier than early today is a beautiful sunrise. It's shaping up nicely with a multitude of shades of red, pink and purple. Alas, no camera.

It was a comforting sight after being a little freaked out driving across my beloved bridge this morning. Three people died there last night in a head-on collision. Makes me shiver to think of it.
On to happier thoughts .... I did, however, have a camera handy to capture the windows at Famous, er Macy's. (Old habits die hard.) The historic tradition that Famous-Barr had carried on for so many years before dying out sometime in the 1980s has been revived by Macy's. Animated windows tell the story of little Virginia O'Hanlon and her infamous letter questioning the existence of Santa Claus.

I can remember being very small and coming down here to see Santa Claus. Going around and looking at the first floor windows was just part of the adventure. Kudos to Macy's for bringing back this piece of nostalgia.

Here's some shots from the first window. I'm blown away by all the details.


Karen Anne said...

That is gorgeous. Esp. the old house details.

I am having a why did I move to the boonies pang.

NV said...

Isn't it?! I think they're awesome. I'll be sharing some more of the rest of the display.