Friday, November 21, 2008

Surprise Me

Lawrence is in the house! Or at least that was the plan. I didn’t receive a phone call from the mother telling me otherwise, so I have to figure he’s been there, toiling away.

It should be fun to go home tonight, assuming that he hasn’t uncovered some horrible disaster where the outside faucet is concerned. (It’s been leaking. I think a faulty shut-off valve may be the culprit.) I can’t wait to see what the new door hardware looks like, and I’m not sure if the mother was going to have him put the bells on both doors or not. So, it’s going to be something of a surprise indeed.

I can tell you that I will have before and after hardware shots as I managed to grab a few of the front door (both inside and out) before I left this morning! I know you’re just giddy with excitement.

He was also going to put in a new bathroom fan and fix the scallops over the porch. I’m also not sure as to whether he intended to tackle the outlet installation on his own or if that’s something I get to work on with him tomorrow.

I guess I’ll find out.


Karen Anne said...

By the way, I have a crush on your two year old Toby.

Vicki said...

I love surprises! I hope he was productive!

NV said...

Karen Anne -- Aw thanks! You want him? (And I'm only sorta kidding here.) If I thought the mother would part with him ... I've never had an animal that was more of pain in the butt. He's just lucky he's cute. :-)

V -- I usually don't ('cause they're usually not the right variety) but this time was good. He didn't get through the list, but definite progress and noticeable change.

Anonymous said...